Most Profitable ICOs all time for return on investment-Best ICOs for 2018

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Best ICOs for 2018:

Today’s time cryptocurrency daily the launch of hundreds of new cryptocurrencies, some are destined for bitcoin style eruption, but it’s not Shorty vast majority will flop and burn and crash. If you want to succeed in an easy way it is magical formula is ICO? Yes, you here to right, there are many ways to get success by ICO but firstly is this list in order of increase in value able prices.

Let’s see and look at the 10 most successful ICO of all time by return on good investment, yes you can earn more money by ICO and we know about the biggest name in crypto. Today we tell you which ICO is best for you and you should you invest in ICO and get more fast success because of today time going on a boom with crypto and all people’s invested in easily without any issue.

Firstly we see in cryptocurrency king and this is:-

Best ICOs for 2018

Most Profitable ICOs all time for return on investment

Bitcoin: Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and worldwide payment system. It is the first and very famous decentralized digital currency, as the system works without a central bank or single administrator and today time it is very popular In crypto because no one other cryptocurrency touches their real-time value.

Bitcoin uses node to node technique to operate with no other pivotal authority or banks, no workers, managing transactions, and the issuing of bitcoins is taking away out assembly by the network. Bitcoin is open underlying cryptocurrency and its making for public, no one owns, and owner it is or nobody can control on Bitcoin system technology and everyone can take part of bitcoin if they buy it is, though many of its peerless properties, Bitcoin allows stimulant uses that could not be covered by any previous payment system and now real-time value is 5, 82,485.21 in Indian rupees. So anyone wants to make part of bitcoin.


Ethereum: -The second one is very famous value able and worldwide cryptocurrency is Ethereum and Vitalik Buterin and his team at Ethereum must be doing to change in this. It is a big leader of technology used to develop a decentralized application and it is also smart and very trustable cryptocurrency, as usually it is executed and automates program of a contact when the condition is correct are in the place.

After that boom of bitcoin in 2011, in cryptocurrency did very growth, it was 4 years before vitalik ‘s currency entered into a marketing and killed it all another crypto.

Ethereum’s ROI has been nothing short of the imprint renounce in at 230,000%. Having sold its tokens at $0.31, an Ether token now sits at a whopping $713, second in value only to Bitcoin.


Ripple: – Ripple is a real-time overall settlement system, it is currency exchange and consignment network created by the Ripple Company.

Ripple link to the payment method providers, banks digital systems Belongings to exchanges and corporate via Ripple Net to endow one frictionless knowledge to send money Mondial.

In whole our world, It is also called the Ripple Transaction Protocol (RTXP) and also Ripple protocol. It is constituted upon a distributed and also open source by an Internet protocol, ledger, and cryptocurrency called XRP (ripples). Ripple is a enables, Secure, rapid, instant, growing. Its time ripple price is a $0.778471 in USD.


Stellar: – Stellar also same as other cryptocurrency but manually is a difference is that Stellar is an open-source protocol same as other only for its value exchange founded in early 2014 by Jed Mc Caleb and Joyce Kim.

Stellar is a podium that connects payments systems, banks, and people by which they connect their payments sources. It is unified to move money fast and quickly, credibly, reliably and also no other cost.

Servers run a software execution of the protocol system, and users connect to the internet to and communicate with other stellar servers and users, it a one of the forming an omnibus value exchange network.

Each server information stores on record of all “accounts” on the network and all records are stored in a database form so we called the “ledger” but Servers motion changes to the ledger by motioning “transactions”. Which moves accounts in a database from one state to another state by spending the account’s balance or changing a belonging to the account?


Spectrecoin: – Spectrecoin its initial distinction being that it ran over the taw network for added privacy and security. It is developing into an even more user-friendly and authorless cryptocurrency.

XSPEC is an emblem of Spectrecoin and XSPEC it is cryptocurrency that its uses and work on POS 3.0 algorithm. Spectrecoin coin developed on August 19, 2017, and during all Spectrecoin circulating endow was 20,785,264 XSPEC.


Ark: – “Ark Ecosystem” is a bunch of Ark forks and Smart bridge block chains. if you see on the roadmap of Ark then each one of the items is Push button deployable block chains.

It means anyone can indeed change a few confines just like a number of proxy, block time, and press a button to spin off their own fork of Ark. Ark fork will be own independent blockchain.


Lisk: –  In the boom of cryptocurrency first modular blockchain based platform. Lisk gets permission to developers to create their own apps and rum them on sides chain. Its apps are a natural part of programmers and it is built in JavaScript and as well as many of other key players from ethereal on board, ICO went down a treat.

After uplift $5.8 million in only 4 weeks at the price of $0.076 per token, Lisk’s ROI currently sits at 19,080%.


DigixDAO:–  DGD is a stasis on digix Digix Decentralized Autonomous Organization and it is the self-governing community that gives out a stipend to the different project so it is promoted and growth of the DGX network.

Sometimes DGD token getting confusing with DGX token because of both are the same name and created by DIGIC global, but with the different intention because of slated for release Q1 2018 and DGX token is a token by physical gold bullion.  In Singapore 1DGX token equal to 1 gram of physical gold.

We can’t imagine the DGX token and financial in apparatus, because of DGX in the Ethereum EIP20 format, its mean, it can be used intact in future Ethereum contracts for forsooth anything. In future, it can be used for a basic purpose for other tokens.


QTUM: – It is same as other cryptos it also open source transfer platform which works on mobile decentralized apps.  QTUM is the very trustable and first proof of stake astute appendage platform. The QTUM used both a value transfer protocol, just like a bitcoin. it is smart contract platform for users like Ethereum.

In which a number of technical new nascence and which some consider making it superior to Ethereum, and they are totally targeted on application programs.

They did launch a highest successful ICO in March 2017, and till now that time have seen an ROI of 6,400%..

Populous: – Populous is making the Ethereum protocol and also it gives the target investor that one is an ability to partake in an uncertainty finance marketplace and in before that time, that persons of accessible wealthy individuals, government, and financial institutions.

This platform imprimatur investor from any place in the whole world to invest in invoice sold by invoice seller. In simple example use case would be if an investor in us buying the invoice of Japan manufacturing company while Japan Company uses that loan to finance their manipulation in the shortened to put a product to market.

It is a higher enhancement on 10 million dollars in June 2017, Populous PPT tokens growing up to over 6,800%.


What do we learn about Successful ICOs?

Launching an ICO is not about chance, destiny, and fates. It totally depends on which one cryptocurrency suddenly booming and no one can say which time you can earn more money; according to this list bring something different to each table.



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Rahul tyagi

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Most Profitable ICOs all time for return on investment-Best ICOs for 2018, I have all-time confusion ICOs is the best for return and investing.
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