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What is Bitcoin

Firstly we will know what is Bitcoin? then we talk about How to purchase bitcoin in India online. Bitcoin is a digital currency, and worldwide payment system it has always in digital form, bitcoin is a decentralized currency in which no system works without any central bank, it is work on the only network, the network is peer-to-peer and transactions take place between users directly, without an intermediary person. This all records and transaction verified on network nodule.

We used to cryptography and their records in public distribute ledger we call this method a blockchain, a black chain is a join of multiple peoples. People to people with connecting to networking system and it is generated by mining, Bitcoins makes as a reward and we say this process known as mining.

Bitcoin invent by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009 but he is an unknown person or group of people as well as he released as open-source software in 2009 by which bitcoin was born that time but today’s time bitcoin growth very fastly also we can exchange in other currency, service, and product and till February 2015 above 100,000 merchants dealer, salesman, businessman, accept bitcoin currency as a payment, according to research presented by the University of Cambridge in 2017.

In which total people’s of 2.9 to 5.8 million unique users using cryptocurrency wallet and in which most of people’s using bitcoin. Bitcoin is very most popular cryptocurrencies upcoming time and it’s all around the world and it grows a number of applications every time, every day.

How to purchase bitcoin in India Online

Yes, you are in right place, you can purchase bitcoin in indie, you can purchase online in an easy way, it totally depends on you how much you can invest in it. Especially we purchase on online, we stored on online digital form, you can choose different-different bitcoin exchanges available in India just like a

top bitcoin exchange india

top bitcoin exchange india

select for anyone it’s all are wallet based and with unique features in which has security and without security code no one can molestation with your account.

Unicorn, Coinbase, Zebpay, It all are very famous prominence application but if you want to use choose from these then you can select “Zebpay” Zebpay is a Zebpay is the bitcoin wallet provider authorize application and is headquartered in Singapore with IT office in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. The company was established by Mahin Gupta in since 2012 under the name and Zebpay is India’s first bitcoin exchange with very trustable sources.

How to Create an account

If you Have bought online bitcoin after that want to create your account on registering on the select anyone bitcoin service supplier.

They will give you a protecting place to store your bitcoin, and as well as easy payment process to convert your local or Indian currency into or out of bitcoin. Beginning sale and buy bitcoin process: – first time if you initiate buy bitcoin, then it will take you to the exchange and the rate at which you can buy the bitcoin, At present, bitcoin values growing to very high levels, so I think you will perhaps be able to buy only a chunk of a bitcoin and also you can sell your bitcoin in the same manner because of bitcoin currently price approx in Indian rupees 7lac you can purchase only 1 bitcoin and is USD price 9326$. Sometimes its price may be up and down, it is not fixed and also expert doesn’t know when what will be bitcoin price can up and down.

Cryptocurrencies are not regulated

At a time bitcoin and other cryptocurrency are not regulated by governments in many countries before sometimes reserve bank of India also gives a statement, it is inconvenient with non-flat cryptocurrency just like a bitcoin. Any users, businessman, investor, dealer-trader with factual currencies, if they sell and buy it is their own risk but nowadays all people’s trust on bitcoin they also want to invest in it and they want to save their bitcoin to get more money. Bitcoin

The transaction is invariant

When you first create an account on cryptocurrency service provider, then your money is kept safe in a digital wallet form and as well as you get one public and one private key by which The public key is like your personal phone number and the private key is your username and password.

You will keep both the keys secrets. You should write on note user id and password of bitcoin wallet, it is irrecoverable because of your money inside the bitcoin wallet will futile, if you forgot your password, and you have don’t remember this and bitcoin balance transfer also stagnant, so please if you buy bitcoin then be carefully use step by step instruction and Bitcoin also gets stolen by hackers, there is no way to recover it. Bitcoin password and id can get anyone and stolen by hackers, and again no any other way to recover it.

Be careful of fake cryptocurrencies As cryptocurrencies are not regularizing, sometimes maybe gets arduous to discriminate between imitation and veritable so, be carefully before you trading in any cryptocurrency, you should know about underlying project, market cap and past performance, user review, trustable source and everything because without any analyze and research don’t investing in cryptocurrencies.

Deception jobber

fewer people’s know about bitcoin in deeply because more people’s get earn money by online cryptocurrency exchanges available on online by which they Get trapped in frauds because many fake people’s selling cryptocurrency with delivering high returns, so I want to say only keep your money safe according to you, it is better for you and deal with genuine exchanges which are no fake registered on


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I love it, I want to know about, How to invest some money in bitcoin and your blog explained very well to me thanks #icocrown.

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