GIFcoin: Gambling Investment Fund – an ERC-20 Token Supported by a Real, Money-Generating Business

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People have been placing wagers since the olden days. It comes as no surprise that online gambling today has become one of the world’s TOP 3 most profitable markets, thanks to mainly to the Internet. New avenues for improvements have appeared on the digital horizon, mainly due to the ICO hype in recent days.

Among the multitudes of Initial Coin Offerings at present, there’s one that stands out – GIFcoin, the first Gambling Investment Fund on a global scale.

About GIFcoin

– Leverages on the gambling industry’s colossal revenues.

– Backed by a real, money-making bookmaker – VitalBet.

– Shares 80% of VitalBet’s net profits with investors in return.

Outstanding ICO Features

– Ultra-Transparent Team

– Weekly Live Streams

– Investors Only Telegram Chat Rooms

– Behind-the-scenes Sneak Peeks

– Supersonic Support

Roadmap of GIFcoin

– The release of a revolutionary mobile betting application for Android, iOS, and Windows.

– The ultimate goal is to enter the ranks of the TOP 15 betting websites in the world by 2020.

GIFcoin’s Team

– The CEO has more than 50 online betting projects under his entrepreneurial sleeves.

– Specialists in Blockchain development, branding, marketing, and sports betting work together to provide an ICO that revolutionizes the market.

– Legal, financial, and marketing advisors ensure the smooth operation.

GIFcoin Main Sale

The Main ICO Sale consists of seven (7) stages:

    • Stage 1 – 6,400,000 GIF – SOLD OUT
    • Stage 2 – 7,000,000 GIF with a 40% Bonus
    • Stage 3 – 7,800,000 GIF with a 30% Bonus
    • Stage 4 – 8,400,000 GIF with a 20% Bonus
    • Stage 5 – 92,400,000 GIF with a 15% Bonus
    • Stage 6 – 77,000,000 GIF with a 10% Bonus
    • Stage 7 – 61,000,000 GIF with NO Bonus

* Price of GIF token: 1 ETH = 10,000 GIF + bonus

* Total token distribution: 300,000,000 GIF (total public distribution: 260,000,000 GIF)

* Accepted Payment Methods – ETH, BTC, LTC

* FIAT payments – not accepted

* Minimum investment during Stage 1-5 – 0.5 ETH, 0.05 BTC, 2 LTC

* Soft Cap – 5,000 ETH

* Hard Cap – 24,000 ETH


White Paper:

Lite Paper

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※ If you have any questions about GIFcoin ICO, message the team on Telegram, Facebook, or via e-mail. Thank you.

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