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The Smart Way to Trade Assets

XchangeRate.io is a platform that powers an ecosystem where traders, market makers, token owners, and exchanges can interact to help liquidity for the token and the exchange. It is the first Augmented Intelligence platform SaaS App that brings intelligently analyzed data to a trader using automation and decentralized strategy sharing. XchangeRate (XRR) is an ERC20 based token. XRR coins are used as payment to subscribe for platform access for traders, and costs of strategy-sharing and adoption among users and traders on the platform. The token is the only currency used to communicate value among the platform participants. All participants hold a certain amount of XRR to use platform features.

2018-04-06 - 2018-06-09
1 ETH = 10,000 XRR
Token Type
Hard Cap
18,000 ETH
Soft Cap
2,000 ETH
80 %
Minimum investment
0.1 ETH
Pre ICO Start
Pre ICO End
ICO Start
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Xchangerate.io started in February 2017 as an idea merely to assist traders monitor coins and other trading activities.

Over the course of 13 months, a group of small investors have contributed financial and sweat equity to build and upgrade the product from a mere coin monitoring board to a fully automated software that can both assist traders to buy and sell the best performing coins as well as perform those trades automatically.

After a working prototype was built and tested by traders and developers for many months with consistent profits achieved in different market conditions, the core team decided it was time to share the product with the global market.

To scale the product and expand it to many other commodities and derivatives, a crowdfunding process has been  initiated in the form of an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) where XRR tokens are exchanged for BTC or ETH. Understanding the stakeholders in our ecosystem.

Traders function like retailers in a traditional marketplace because they buy for the purpose of making profit. They use our augmented intelligence and auto-trading bots to scalp profits, even in bear markets.


At the early stage of a project where adoption is still in its infancy or when a token is newly listed on an exchange, the role of the market maker seems indispensable. The market maker undertakes to buy or sell tokens to anyone that approaches the exchange at all times. This ensures liquidity and maintains the relationship between the token owner and the exchange in good standing.

Market Makers

They are project owners who need liquidity for their tokens

Token Owners

Exchanges represent the market place. They provide the framework, platform and conditions that govern and facilitate trading. Exchanges
(especially the new ones) require a lot of liquidity as well. Our Solutions
  • Our current suite of solutions include the following
  • Autotrader and AI trade assistant
Built on the back of the successful second iteration of our coin monitoring board. Our AI trading assistant and autotrader enjoyed much success even during the bearish first half of 2018. The performance of our trading bot can be found on mvp.xchangerate.io XchangeRate presents a solution: an intelligent algorithm or “robot” that helps investors navigate the complex cryptocurrency market and make expert decisions, all in one convenient platform. Data pipelines from plugins and APIs combine with unique, relevant metrics to detect market attitudes. Investors set buy/sell parameters and choose to make manual or automatic trades triggered by if/then conditions. Users are freed from having to make every decision and separately track trends and currencies. Instead, the XchangeRate robot makes intelligent decisions on its users’ behalf, enabling investors to trade popular currencies around the clock based on set criteria and interpretation of good data  nalysis proprietary to XRR platform. XchangeRate MaTa Based on market demand, we leveraged and expanded some of our algorithms to create a solution that completes our ecosystem and creates profit for all our stakeholders.

Our XchangeRate Market Maker & Taker (MaTa) change a lot of things for crypto enthusiasts. It will bring liquidity and volume to token owners and exchanges, while rewarding our stakeholders too XchangePal Our escrow peer to peer exchange service will enable people from across the globe to exchange crypto for fiat or other digital assets more easily than many have been previously used to. It will be quick, friendly to use and very reliable. Business Model

Exchanges benefit from increased liquidity, Traders make consistent profit, Market Makers earn profit from patronisers, Exchanges pay a once off setup fee, Auto-trader users pay subscription or hodl our XRR tokens, Market Makers pay subscription or hodl our XRR tokens. We create value for both our company and our stakeholders.